Last Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Service Level Agreement

This Service Level Agreement (SLA) is applicable to you as a Customer for the Services provided by ASEC under a valid Agreement between You and ASEC if so stated in the applicable Order Form.

1. Availability

Availability means that the Service is fully operational and available for Customer and Customer’s Users. ASEC shall achieve the following Availability for any given calendar month (a “Measurement Period”): 95%

Availability is measured 24/7/365 and is calculated as follows:

Availability (%): Total number of minutes of a Measurement Period - Service Downtime divided by Total number of minutes of a Measurement period x 100.

“Service Downtime”: Service Downtime means any time period (expressed in minutes) in a Measurement Period when the Service is not Available, and which is not due to (a) Schedule Maintenance, (b) failures or malfunction of Customer’s own or any third-party’s system, technology, equipment and services, (c) the Customer’s or Users failure to use the Service in accordance with this Agreement, or (d) force majeure events under Section 20. Service Downtime is calculated from the time when it is registered by ASEC after detection by ASEC or reporting by the Customer until the Service if Available again.

2. Compensation

If ASEC fails to achieve the guaranteed Availability during a Measurement Period, the Customer is entitled to extend the term of the Order Form with a free of change extension term in accordance with the table below.

Availability % Extension Term (days)
93 - < 95 2
91 - < 93 4
< 91 6

3. Customer Support

3.1 Considering the nature of any incident or defect and other relevant circumstances, ASEC will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to any support requests submitted by Customer or Customer’s Users within two(2) business days (excluding public holidays in Canada).

3.2 ASEC’s support function is available during the following office hours:

Days: Monday - Friday
Hours (EST): 9:00AM - 5:00PM

4. Customer’s Termination Right

You may terminate the Agreement with immediate effect upon effect upon written notice to ASEC, if ASEC for three (3) successive Measurement Periods has failed to achieve the agreed Availability for the Service in accordance with this Service Level Agreement. Your notice of termination shall be given within two (2) weeks after the end of such third Measurement Period.